The 2017 100 + Women of IAVM campaign was a great success because of YOUR commitment to your IAVM Foundation. Your donations raised $11,000+ and made it possible for five women to attend sector conferences at VenueConnect17 and one woman to go to an IAVM school.

“The support and response for the 100 Women Campaign is overwhelmingly heartwarming.  To know that together we have changed the professional lives of 6 women is so gratifying.  When we come together we can do unimaginable and powerful great things!” stated Kerry Painter, CFE, CEM, CMP Assistant General Manager of Cox Business Center, IAVM Foundation Board of Trustee member, and champion of the campaign. Echoing her words is IAVM Foundation Board of Trustee, Chair Stephanie Curran, CFE, “On behalf of the Board of Trustees, we are extremely grateful for the continuous support so many of our members give. This initiative (or campaign) is one such example of members coming together to support your Foundation and the future of our industry. These tremendous things would not happen without you. Thank you!”

In its 35th year, your IAVM Foundation has funded several scholarships and internships for VMS, AVSS, VenueConnect, and Sector Conferences at VenueConnect.  Through the continued support of our members, these scholarships and internships are made possible. Our success is your success and the success of the whole industry. Thank you for making a difference!


100+ WOMEN Cornerstone Donors

  1. Kerry Painter, Cox Business Center
  2. Kim Bedier, City of Tacoma, Public Assembly Facilities
  3. Karen Totaro, Atlantic City Convention Center
  4. Kathryn Tinker, Cox Business Center
  5. Lisanne Lewis, Shaw Conference Centre
  6. Cheryl Swanson, Alerus Center
  7. Tammy Koolbeck in honor of Carol Pollock, VenuWorks
  8. Kelly Ortiz, Cox Business Center
  9. Robyn Williams, Portland'5 Centers for the Arts
  10. Shura Garnett, St. Charles Convention Center
  11. Shannon Heaney in memory of Catherine Ungerboeck, Ungerboeck
  12. Johnna Boxley, Spokane Convention Center
  13. Lynda Reinhart, Stephen C. O'Connell Center
  14. Vicki Hawarden, IAVM
  15. Sarah Rogers, IAVM Foundation
  16. Leslee Stewart, Paramount Theatre
  17. Jan Addison, Orange County Convention Center
  18. Kay Towner, Centerplate
  19. Stephanie Curran, Spokane Convention Center and INB Performing Arts Center
  20. Joyce Watson, Walter E. Washington Convention Center
  21. Julia Slocombe, Smart City Networks
  22. Janice Jefferson, Mississippi Coast Coliseum & Convention Center
  23. Susette Hunter, Birmingham Jefferson Convention Complex
  24. Kathi Hurtgen, Monona Terrace Community and Convention Center
  25. Maura Gast, Irving Convention & Visitors Bureau
  26. Betty Tanner, Fort Worth Convention Center
  27. Jody Ulich, City of Sacramento Convention, Culture & Leisure Department
  28. Kelly Shea, FELD Entertainment
  29. Sandy Dunn, DCU Center
  30. Sherrie Spinks, Georgia World Congress Center Authority
  31. JoAnn Armstrong, Honda Center
  32. Barbara A. Hubbard in honor of Claire Rothman, American Collegiate Showcase
  33. Dot Lischick, Colorado Springs World Arena
  34. Sarah Brown, Curb Event Center at Belmont University
  35. Anne Wheat, MetLife Stadium
  36. Abbie Vander Bol, Show Me Center
  37. Nancy Harbour, Alaska Center for the Performing Arts
  38. Tom Cornwall in honor of wife, Betsy Cornwall, Rogers Place
  39. Michele Montague, Verizon Center
  40. Tristan Wright, Lansing Entertainment & Public Facilities Authority
  41. Amy Rahja, FELD Entertainment
  42. Mary Hammond, Tenable Event Services
  43. Sarah Fieger, Tobin Center for the Performing Arts
  44. Jennifer Turner in memory of Aubrey Turner, Segerstrom Center for the Arts
  45. Michele Swann in honor of Lionel Dubay, Cobb Galleria Centre
  46. Lauren Simpson, Grand Ole Opry House
  47. Libby Raines, Scotiabank Saddledome
  48. Stacey Church, MassMutual Center
  49. Angie Teel, St. Charles Convention Center
  50. Rebecca Bolton, La Cruces Convention Center
  51. Jennifer Noble, Durham Convention Center
  52. Maria Talbert, Indiana University Auditorium
  53. Mary Montalvo, Fort Worth Community Arts Center
  54. Alexis Berggren, Dolby Theatre
  55. Krista Daniel, Washington State Convention Center
  56. Ashton Sequeira, Centerplate
  57. Tammy Turnipseed, City of San Jose
  58. Anne Marie Downen in memory of Rose A. McCall Gerry Denton, Boise Centre
  59. Jane Kleinberger, Paciolan
  60. Debbie Leander, Telling Stone Software
  61. Peggy Daidakis, The Baltimore Convention Center
  62. Kenna Saadeh
  63. John Bolton in honor of Sandie Aaron, SMG
  64. Donna Dowless, XOXO Media Group
  65. Adina Erwin, The Fox Theatre- Atlanta
  66. Kim Stone, American Airlines Arena
  67. Christy Castillo Butcher, STAPLES Center
  68. Maureen Shallcross, Peace Center for the Performing Arts
  69. Lisa Elliott, Yerba Buena Center for the Arts
  70. Cindy Hamilton, Alaska Center for the Performing Arts
  71. Jennifer Norris, San Francisco War Memorial and Performing Arts Center
  72. Paula Davis, Flint Center for the Performing Arts
  73. Kelly Hadsall, Civic Center Music Hall
  74. Lori Kramer, Portland'5 Centers for the Arts
  75. Leslie Taylor, Gensler
  76. Marty Elliott,Kennesaw State University
  77. Laura Sweet, Des Moines Performing Arts Center
  78. Amy Swisher, Seattle Mariners
  79. Christine Hunjas, Minneapolis Convention Center
  80. Carol Wallace, San Diego Convention Center
  81. Lindsay McWilliam, Rexall Place
  82. Courtney Egg, Lesher Center for the Arts
  83. Cyndee Pennington, Pensacola Bay Center
  84. Kathryn Carlson, American Airlines Center
  85. Jennifer Smart, Missouri Theatre
  86. Julie Adams, LMN Architects
  87. Hawana Townsley, Charles W. Eisemann Center for Performing Arts
  88. Karen Hoffman, Madison Square Garden
  89. Tambra Thorson, HNTB Architecture
  90. Melinda Camp, Medical Center of Lewisville Grand Theater
  91. Claire Copsey, The Baltimore Convention Center
  92. Stephanie Viegas Dias, Portland'5 Centers for the Arts
  93. Shelley Ellis, Three Rivers Convention Center
  94. Leslie Biles, Arts Commons
  95. Lori Guzzard, Hard Rock Hotel & Casino
  96. Shannon McKenzie, Dawson Creek Events Centre
  97. Mercedes Miller, Georgia International Convention Center
  98. Elizabeth Kimmel, US Cellular Center
  99. Brad Mayne, in memory of Carol Pollack, MetLife Stadium
  100. Tom Tingle in honor of Carole Tingle, Skanska
  101. Amanda Gain, Racine Civic Centre
  102. Chris Kibler, INTRUST Bank Arena
  103. Kathy Lowrey, Northshore Harbor Convention Center
  104. Dana Stoehr, San Mateo Event Center
  105. Bob Hunter, Maple Leaf Sports & Entertainment
  106. Lisa Cochran, Taco Bell Arena

100+ WOMEN 2017 Donors

  1. Kerry Painter , Cox Business Center
  2. Michele Swann, Cobb-Marietta Coliseum & Exhibit Hall Authority
  3. Leslee Stewart, Paramount Theatre Oakland
  4. Karen Totaro, San Diego Convention Center
  5. Stephanie Curran, Spokane Public Facilities District
  6. Melinda Camp, City of Lewisville
  7. Lisa Elliott, Yerba Buena Center for the Arts
  8. Chris Kibler, SMG / INTRUST Bank Arena
  9. Robert Hunter, MLSE
  10. Rosanne Duke, IAVM
  11. Brad Mayne, IAVM
  12. Barb Dallinger, Illinois State Univeristy
  13. Maura Gast, Irving Convention and Visitors Bureau
  14. Sarah Minnick, SMG - NRG Park
  15. Rebecca Bolton, Spectra Venue Management
  16. Libby Raines, Calgary Flames
  17. Lynda Reinhart, O'Connell Center
  18. Kimberly Mahoney, University of New Haven
  19. Angie Teel, St. Charles Convention Center
  20. Abbie Jo Lady, Show Me Center
  21. Erin Jepson, Oregon Convention Center
  22. Dan Dreier, Minneapolis Convention Center
  23. Jennifer Ross, Walton Arts Center
  24. Kim Stone, American Airlines Arena
  25. Erin Jepson, CMP, Oregon Convention Center
  26. John Bolton, SMG
  27. Lori Guzzard, T-Mobile Arena- MGM Resorts International
  28. Laura Doyle, Monumental Sports & Entertainment - Verizon Center
  29. Lisanne Lewis, Edmonton Shaw Conference Centre
  30. Roxi Witt, RiverPark Center
  31. Jacquie Goetz, Overture Center for the Arts
  32. Anne Wheat, MetLife Stadium
  33. Tammy Koolbeck, Iowa State Center
  34. Kelly Graham, Lakewood Cultural Center
  35. Jennifer Norris, San Francisco War Memorial
  36. Tim Seeberg, Fort Smith Convention Center
  37. Emily Ladewig, VenuWorks of Ames, L.L.C.
  38. Tom Tingle, DLR Group
  39. John Siehl, VenuWorks
  40. Annie Wilson, Portland'5 Centers for the Arts
  41. John Payne, UC San Diego - University Centers
  42. Karen Hoffman, The Madison Square Garden Company
  43. Donna Julian, Hornets Sports & Entertainment
  44. Jennifer Turner, Segerstrom Center for the Arts
  45. James McCue , SMG
  46. Julie Bunker, Pinnacle Entertainment, Inc.
  47. Alexis Berggren, New Orleans Ernest N. Morial Convention Center
  48. Elizabeth Murray, San Francisco War Memorial and Performing Arts Center
  49. Kevin Twohig, Spokane Public Facilities District
  50. Donna Dowless, Xoxomediagroup
  51. Amy Rahja, VSTAR Entertainment Group
  52. Lisa Thomason, Lubbock Memorial Civic Center
  53. Dot Lischick, Broadmoor World Arena
  54. Jodi Feder, YBCA
  55. Russell Simons, VSG
  56. Elisa Putman, Music City Center
  57. Anonymous
  58. Shannon Terrill, Ungerboeck Software International
  59. Scott Megna, Raincross Hospitality Corporation
  60. Kim Bedier, City of Tacoma Venues & Events
  61. Cindy Vargo, Fox Theatre
  62. Carol Moore, Newnan Centre
  63. Joan LeMahieu, Retired!
  64. Chris Hunjas, Minneapolis Convention Center
  65. Jennifer Brown, Luther Burbank Center
  66. Mike Garcia , University of Southern California
  67. Paul Turner, AT&T Stadium
  68. Stefanie Arnold, Oregon Convention Center
  69. Adina Erwin, Fox Theatre
  70. Paula Kirchman, Resch Center
  71. Suzanne Goodman, The Moscone Center
  72. Michael McCall, SMG - NRG Park
  73. Lucy Albers, Denny Sanford PREMIER Center
  74. Richard Anderson, Seafair
  75. Shelley Ellis, Visalia Convention Center
  76. Greg Wolfe, IAVM
  77. Phil Jordan, Salt Lake County Community Services
  78. Rebecca Barry, RAS of NSW/Sydney Showground
  79. Kelly Shea, FELD Entertainment
  80. Joe Levy, Apollo Theater
  81. Jody Ulich, City of Sacramento
  82. Maureen Shallcross, Peace Center
  83. Allison Larena, Mayo Performing Arts Center
  84. Lee Kaloidis, Mayo Performing Arts Center
  85. Laura Sweet, Des Moines Performing Arts
  86. Sandie Aaron, Cobb Energy Performing Arts Centre
  87. Annette Kirklin, Vicksburg Convention Center/VenuWorks
  88. Susette N Hunter, BJCC
  89. Mark Mettes, Herberger Theater Center
  90. Michael Marion, Verizon Arena
  91. Robyn Williams, Portland'5 Centers for the Arts
  92. Lynne King Smith , TicketForce
  93. Steven Peters, VenuWorks
  94. Matt Pizzuti, Oregon Convention Center
  95. JoAnn Armstrong, Honda Center
  96. Gabriella Calicchio, Marin Center, County of Marin
  97. Lauren Simpson, Independent
  98. Donna Smith, SmithArts LLC
  99. Cassie Jones, New Orleans Ernest N Morial Convention Center
  100. Evelyn Ingram, EventBooking
  101. Tricia Silliphant, Maple Leaf Sports & Entertainment
  102. Matthew Uchtman, Oregon Convention Center
  103. Paula Davis, Domus Aurea, Inc
  104. Joe Durr, Portland'5 Centers of for the Arts
  105. Sarah Fiegler Robertson, Peace Center
  106. Craig Borkon, Orlando Venues
  107. Michael Enoch, Sandy Springs Performing Arts Center
  108. ABM
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