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New to VenueConnect 2017, IAVM BootCamps provide in-house, hands-on learning for each type of venue. Attendees will travel off-site to their respective local Nashville venues. Through small group and interactive methods, participants will have an even better understanding of day in and day out venue practices. These bootcamps have been an integral part of the Performing Arts Managers Conference (PAMC) for years now, and the feedback from this type of training has been tremendously positive.

"I always am impressed with the creativity of our session planners," said Laura Sweet, PAMC BootCamp coodinator. "We’ve had game show style activities, obstacle courses, and sessions that come darn close to resembling real-live load ins. BootCamp sessions often represent some of the most exciting aspects of our venue’s work activities and programming! Learning by doing makes for a memorable conference, and provides unique connection moments for colleagues as they participate."

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