2019 Volunteer Request from IAVM

Dear IAVM Member,

As we continue to grow our association, volunteers are at the heart of what we do and accomplish.   With the time and knowledge our volunteers contribute, we are able to fulfill our mission of educating and inspiring venue management professionals. We hope you will consider responding to this Committee Call for Volunteers.

As a volunteer, you make a difference to this industry by giving back to other members. With your service, you have the opportunity to make connections with other IAVM leaders and participate in the discussions and resolutions of issues that face our industry.

Among the many volunteer opportunities is service on one of the association’s committees. IAVM has two types of committees: board committees and management committees. A board committee helps the board do its work, of oversight, strategy and member engagement. Management committees help IAVM’s management do its work, of meeting the board’s goals and effectively operating the association to the benefit of our members.

To volunteer, please use our volunteer form to tell us where your interest, skills, and abilities will allow you to make the greatest contribution.  Even if you currently serve on a committee and wish to continue, you must indicate your interest on this application to be considered for renewal as all committee appointments have one year terms and term limits. You may indicate your interest for no more than three committees, so please make sure that you rank your choices with 1 being your highest preference. Finally, given the level of interest in service, we can generally only place you on one committee with some exceptions, such as the Industry Affairs Committee which is partially filled by specified representatives (sector directors of the board, for example). 

The deadline to respond to the Committee Call for Volunteers is March 11, 2019Appointments to board committees will be made by the First Vice Chair, while appointments to management committees will be made by the CEO in consultation with the committee chairs and vice chairs. Volunteers will be notified of their committee assignment by June 1st. 

IAVM welcomes your expertise and commitment to our active and talented group of volunteers.  Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Rosanne Duke.

Sincerely yours,

Tammy Koolbeck, CVE
First Vice Chair

Brad Mayne, CVE
President & CEO



IAVM Committee Roles and Responsibilities

We have two categories of volunteer groups 1) board committees/task forces and 2) management committees/task forces. Review the full listing and description of the committees that are available.

  • Board Committees: committees that help the IAVM Board of Directors achieve its objectives and fulfill its obligations. Examples of a board committee are: Audit Committee; Governance Committee; Leadership Development Committee.
  • Management Committees:  committees that provide industry expertise and general knowledge to assist the staff in doing the work of the association, often for a specific program, conference or issue. These committees cover areas that members traditionally have contributed to in the past (for example – sector committees: Allied, Amphitheaters & Fairgrounds, Arenas, Stadiums, Performing Arts, Convention Centers).
  • Task Forces: created for a defined and time limited purpose.


Individual Roles and Responsibilities:

Expectations of Volunteer Members:

  • Focus on assigned purpose/charge for the group.
  • Attend meetings and conference calls.
  • Attend the conference, if applicable. (i.e.: GuestX, VenueConnect, etc.)
  • Complete any assignments by pre-determined deadlines.
  • Communicate any challenges/concerns early to the chair and/or management liaison.
  • Undergo training on Coherent Governance by attending a webinar  and by reading the book “Good Governance is a Choice.”
  • Maintain confidentiality of discussions and background materials.


Expectations of Volunteer Chairs:

  • All expectations of volunteer members PLUS:
  • Partner with the management liaison to lead the group to achieve assigned purpose/charge, creating a positive volunteer experience for all.
  • Communicate any challenges/concerns early to the management liaison and/or Rosanne Duke, Director of Governance/Operations.


Expectations of Management Liaisons:

  • Clearly communicate purpose/charge for the group.
  • In partnership with volunteer chair, develop work plan to achieve purpose/charge.
  • Along with chair, create a positive volunteer experience for all.
  • Complete any assignments by pre-determined deadlines.
  • Take attendance and post minutes, preferably within 2 weeks of a meeting or conference call.
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