Representing public assembly venues from around the globe, IAVM's active members include managers and senior executives from auditorium, arenas, convention centers, exhibit halls, stadiums, performing arts centers, university complexes, and amphitheaters.

Member venues represent huge expenditures of public and private funds. They attract millions of patrons to an astonishing variety of events from football to basketball, baseball to hockey, from rock concerts to conventions, conferences to ballets...the list is almost endless.

IAVM counts more than 500 Allied companies among its members. These companies provide products and services used by managers. Through their IAVM membership, Allied members are able to present their products to this vast market.

IAVM Mission Statement

To educate, advocate for, and inspire public assembly venue professionals, worldwide.

IAVM Vision Statement

The International Association of Venue Managers, having significant influence in a global industry, is the acknowledged organization providing superlative leadership, cutting-edge innovation, advanced education, supportive advocacy, opportunities for networking and connection to other venue professionals around the world.  Committed to international membership growth and development, the IAVM is the preeminent source for all public assembly related research, information, services, and life-safety issues worldwide.  IAVM provides unprecedented member value and is endowed with unlimited opportunities to partner and embrace industry affiliations.

IAVM Position on Diversity

The International Association of Venue Managers (IAVM) values and seeks a diverse membership and seeks to foster an industry that is filled with a workforce of inclusion and success for all members. Additionally, we recognize that diversity in the workplace influence innovation and enhance the opportunity for members and their organizations to be successful in this industry. Moreover, the IAVM is committed to providing educational opportunities for members to enhance their ability to provide their services to their clients and consumers in a manner that is inclusive and reflective of a global community.

IAVM Code of Ethics

IAVM’s objectives are to promote and develop the use of public assembly venues along definite lines of entertainment and public advancement; to use every effort to acquaint and circulate information of interest and value to the public and managers pertaining to the successful use of such buildings; to cultivate acquaintances among the managers of public assembly venues; to increase their ability in promoting more frequent use of such buildings by the public; and to standardize practices and ethics of management and relationship to the public.

To further the objectives of the International Association of Venue Managers, the Association believes that certain ethical principles should govern the conduct of every professional manager in the Association.

The manager should: Strive for continued improvement in the proficiency and usefulness of service; maintain the highest ideals of honor and integrity in all public and personal relationships; emphasize friendly and courteous service to the public and recognize that the function of the building is at all times to serve the best interest of the public; exercise fair and impartial judgment in all Association and professional business dealings; maintain the principle of fairness to all; have a firm belief in the dignity and worth of service rendered by the building and have a constructive, creative, and practical attitude; and refrain from any activity that may be in conflict with the interest of the employer.

IAVM Value Statements


“In all we do” …we are committed to ethical standards and honesty in everything that we do as a professional association.


To serve and assist one another and to encourage all IAVM members and international partners to be actively involved in their Association.


Our number one value!  We are committed to provide innovative safety and security guidelines and training so as to assist venues and their management teams in managing with the priority of protecting all aspects related to life-safety and physical assets.


Provide cutting-edge educational programs of the highest caliber that are inclusive, appropriate, challenging, and informative.


Encourage measured and suitable support for issues that affect public assembly facility managers.

People First

We are committed to provide resources and encourage IAVM staff team members to become the industry experts in their areas of responsibility by providing thorough training and guidance opportunities.

IAVM Bylaws

Download the Association Bylaws 

IAVM History

The International Association of Venue Managers (formerly Auditorium Managers) was founded in December 1924 by seven enthusiastic building managers with a vision of the future of public assembly venue management met in Cleveland, Ohio, on December 27,1924, to discuss the important issues facing the auditorium management industry. From that meeting came the formation of the Auditorium Managers Association. What grew from a dedication to the industry is now known as the International Association of Venue Managers, a world-wide organization that maintains the early commitment to their business and profession.

IAVM membership has risen sharply in the past twenty years. This increase has paralleled a growing need for information, services and programs tailored to the venue profession. To serve these interests and needs, IAVM relies on the voluntary efforts of many committees to assist its staff and Board of Directors. As an adjunct to strong programs administered by the International Headquarters, nine Regions provide a support structure and information network for members in each Region, permitting managers inclose geographical proximity to benefit from one anothers experiences.

Thank you to our global partners.