The International Association of Venue Managers, the Venue Safety and Security Committee and the AVSS Faculty have expanded our safety and security offerings through AVSS to a virtual format also known as AVSS Extension (AVSS/E). Our goal is to provide virtual training opportunities in 2021 with anticipation of returning to AVSS in-person training once the current health safety concerns are resolved.

Stay current with expert driven safety and security sessions complimenting the Academy for Venue Safety and Security.

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Learning Sessions in AVSS/E

Post Orders: Tools and Techniques for Creating Great Foundational Documents
Faculty/Instructor: Paul Turner
Students will have a greater understanding of the importance of post orders and will develop the skills needed to write clear and effective post orders. Students will also learn how to use the mail merge technique to create and update documents.

Mitigating Risk at Mass Gatherings
Faculty/Instructor: Mark Camillo, Bill Flynn, & Mark Herrera
Mass gatherings continue to be an attractive target for terrorists and lone offenders because crowds present an opportunity for mass casualties. Additionally, the increase in workplace violence as industries reopen, presents several potential security challenges for venues. This panel of security experts will provide the tools to create a strong security culture by examining the latest threats, tactics, and paradigm shift, along with the importance of training, mitigation strategies.

Situational Crime Prevention: A Pragmatic Risk Management Strategy to Mitigate Domestic and Homegrown Violent Extremist Threats to Events and Venues
Faculty/Instructor: Peter Ashwin
The session will provide event and venue security professionals or managers with an evidence-based approach to identifying 'fit for purpose' counter terrorism measures to deter and disrupt threats from malicious lone actors, homegrown violent extremists and domestic violent extremists

Risk Management and Mitigation Tools for Small Venues
Faculty/Instructor: Alex Keen
Conducting qualitative risk assessment and taking action via assessment results are fundamental responsibilities for all venue managers regardless of their venue size. Understanding how to assess risk and affect change is critical in improving security posture and maximizing venue performance.

Preparedness: Virtual Workshops and Tabletop Exercises
Faculty/Instructor: Andy Jabbour
Participants would gain ideas on conducting effective virtual DBEs to help maintain preparedness for the staff and others.

Preparing for the Inevitable - Liability Considerations for Venue Managers and Personnel
Faculty/Instructor: Joey Sampson & Ty Sheaks
Tips and techniques to avoid or mitigate potential liability in operating venues, including real world examples.

Incident Reports
Faculty/Instructor: David Born
Session Description Gain an understanding of the key attributes and steps to take during an incident

Venue Renovations - How will the Building and Fire Officials Respond?
Faculty/Instructor: Paul Villotti
This session will inform venue managers of the criteria used by authorities having jurisdiction to determine the extent of life safety upgrades, and allow you to maintain desirable physical features and develop proper budgets and construction schedules when renovations occur.

Crisis Communication
Faculty/Instructor: Daniel Ward
In this session, participants will learn the planning principles for crisis communications. Participants will also be exposed to best practices, tools, and techniques for effectively communicating before, during, and after an event or incident.


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