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Posted 1/14/15
Webinar: Understanding Violent Extremism and Radicalization
January 22, 2015 / This Webinar Is Not Available at this Time
The Department of Homeland Security Office of Infrastructure Protection is producing a series of webinars highlighting models of resilience in critical infrastructure protection. This is a forum to educate partners on different approaches to critical infrastructure protection, provide strategies to mitigate risk, and address vulnerabilities across sectors, with the ultimate goal of improving cross-sector collaboration and information sharing.
Our second webinar addresses the threat of homegrown violent extremism and radicalization on our Nation’s critical infrastructure. This webinar fosters collaborative information sharing with our critical infrastructure partners. Recent events, such as the violent acts that occurred in France and Canada highlight the severity of the threat with little or no warning. Our guest speakers, representing the National Counterterrorism Center (NCTC), DHS Office of Intelligence and Analysis (DHS I&A), and the private sector, will discuss the methods of radicalization and strategies for identifying and mitigating the threat of extremist attacks. 


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