Information for the AVSS 2020 program is being developed. Below is information from the previous event.

Severe Weather Preparedness Program
March 6, 2020 / Las Vegas, NV

The Severe Weather Preparedness Training is an advanced, 1-day training program where participants learn information about all aspects of severe and threatening weather.

Severe Weather Experts, Professional Meteorologists, and Venue Managers in coordination with Professional Sports Leagues equip attendees with proven practices on identification, messaging, media communication, and how the law imposes a duty of care and how it affects venues.

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Current Topics for the Severe Weather Training: (Subject to change/adjustment)

  • Event Weather Planning 101
  • The Nexus: A Risk Based approach to mitigating Severe Weather Events & enhancing Organizational Resilience
  • Legal Considerations for Venue Management in Severe Weather Situations
  • Managing Crowds During Severe Weather Related Incidents
  • How the Major Leagues/Universities best handle weather on Gameday

Thank you to our global partners.