Please complete this form and indicate your interest for no more than three committees from the committee list with your first choice being your highest preference. Please note that all committee assignments are for one year, which you may renew in future years if you wish.

Committee Volunteer Opportunities
Please select up to 3 committees you are interested in participating in; we encourage you to select multiple committees for which you would like to volunteer since many committees have limited space to accept new members. Please rank your committee preferences by selecting the committee name from the dropdown menus in order from one (1) up to three (3), with one (1) being the most preferred and three (3) being the least preferred.

Region Volunteer Opportunities
If you are also interested in volunteering for your Region, please choose a maximum of 3 positions.
In up to 300 words, please share why you feel you are a good fit with the committee(s) you have identified. Some examples of information to share are: examples of industry/organizational leadership, number of years in the industry, why you’re interested in serving on a particular committee, and what you would like to accomplish as a member of the selected committee(s).

Thank you to our global partners.