Q: Do I have to be an IAVM member to apply for the CVP?
A: While membership is not required to apply, we do encourage anyone considering obtaining the certification to also consider becoming an IAVM member.

Q: How do I submit my reference letters?
A: The reference template is available here. Please have three senior members of the venue management industry (with at least one being a former boss) complete the template and submit to IAVM HQ with your application. Your application is not complete until the references are received.

Q: When are my fees due?
A: The application fee is due upon the submission of your application. The exam fee must be submitted at least 14 days prior to the selected testing date.

Q: Where can I take the exam?
A: We offer the CVP test at all of our schools & conference as well as Region meetings and several offerings at our headquarters in Coppell, TX each year. A listing of current test dates can be found here. If attending one of these testing dates is not a possibility, arrangements can be made on a case-by-case basis to request testing at a testing center.

Q: Do I have to attend the conference to take the CVP exam?
A: No, while we offer the CVP test at all of our schools & conferences, it is not required that an applicant register to attend the school or conference to test there.

Q: In the event that I do not pass the CVP test, when can I test again?
A: Candidates who fail the examination are allowed to retaking the exam within 12-months of receipt of their exam scores by submitting a written request to IAVM Headquarters forty-five (45) days prior.

Q: How long do I have to complete the process?
A: CVP candidates are allowed two (2) years from application submission date to complete the CVP process.  If a candidate is unable to complete within two (2) years, the candidate must submit a new application, fees, and meet all eligibility requirements in effect at the time of application.

Q: I have already applied. Can I pause in the process?
A: Yes. You have up to two years from the submission of your application to complete the process without incurring more fees or restarting the process.

Q: If I obtain the certification, will you provide a press release template?
A: Yes, we are happy to provide you with a press release template that announces your accomplishment that you can share with your local media.

Q: When will I have to renew my certification?
A: The CVP designation must be renewed every 3 years.

Q: How do I renew my certification?
A: IAVM HQ will provide a renewal application that will take into account any continuing education and professional development as well as community & industry involvement over the past three years.




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