Security Guidelines for Convention Centers



EMSSI is the conduit for organizations and individuals to participate in the shared responsibility of addressing industry wide needs for safety and security.  EMSSI represents an opportunity for companies and individuals who have benefited from the industry's growth to give back. The more organizations and individuals contribute to the safety and security of conventions centers and related venues around the U.S., ensuring we have established industry wide security guidelines and smart practices, the greater the industry will prosper for generations to come.

Today, The Convention Industry Council (CIC) has estimated that meetings, exhibitions and business travel has an economic impact of $283 billion dollars, generating $44.9 billion in taxes and representing 2.3 million jobs.  We have seen unprecedented growth over the last 7 years and forecasts for the future remain strong.  It is vital that we maintain eternal vigilance in our efforts to protect this economic engine, and more importantly, to ensure the safety of the millions of people every day that attend and serve this vibrant community. 

Given the ever-present threats we face from acts of terrorism and other emergencies; our industry requires a coordinated approach to protect our patrons, employees and economic resources that incorporates best-in-class security practices in collaboration with government partners.

EMSSI plans a public/private partnership that aligns convention center security guidelines with federal programs and the Department of Homeland Security/Safety Act Office.

Thank you to our global partners.