Read the July/August 2020 Issue

Wait, wait, don't toss that magazine aside!

With the July/August issue, you really are holding the official bi-monthly magazine of IAVM in your hands and before your eyes. It is just that for the first time in years we are proud to present to you a complete re-brand of the publication​ from both a design and editorial perspective. And, for the first time in 35 years since the magazine launched in 1985, Facility Manager is now Venue Professional magazine!

Excited? We know that we are. After months of meetings and discussions both internally and externally, we heartily welcome you to Venue Professional. As for the name, venue is common throughout IAVM (as well as in the acronym of IAVM) while professional very ably describes those practitioners in public assembly venue management.

We also know that since our last issue, much, obviously, has taken place in the world. There is the struggle for employment, the struggle for racial equality, and of course the struggle to battle the deadly coronavirus. Any taken singularly is enough to deal with, but when matters hit this hard and this frequent, well, overwhelming is a word that is used a lot.

We understand. It is why when you receive your first issue of Venue Professional, you will read a lot on all three pressing subjects. We will not come at you from a gloom-and-doom perspective, but rather one based on reality and one that offers hope where there seemingly is not any.

And to continue on the positive note, we are happy to present two new columns that will appear in the magazine's pages going forward. One, The Lighter Side, speaks for itself, and if you don't believe, enjoy the initial column contributed by our Australian mate, John Benett. Enough said. The second, For The Love Of ... , allows for the remainder of the title to be filled in and shares some of our members' loves that don't necessarily have to do with the industry. Our first, written by Michael Marion, CVE, speaks to his passion for rock 'n roll.

That should do it. We are here for YOU during these very difficult times. As always, I invite you to share your feedback about the magazine as well as if you have an interest in writing on a particular topic.

Be safe, be healthy, and join us in being proud of the launch of Venue Professional !

R.V. Baugus

Venue Professional Senior Editor

Thank you to our global partners.