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Looks like we made it!

Yes, we can all put a big, bold, red X through the calendar with the numbers 2020 on it and flip the page to 2021 and what we all hope and pray will be a better year. I am reluctant to say "much better," because any emergence from a pandemic of the magnitude we are still under does not happen overnight. However, we have GOT to get there, with "there" being doing what we do as an industry, which is to bring people together as community for whatever the experience might be.

We hope and trust that Venue Professional magazine has been there for you in the past year with stories to help you with the many, many personal and professional challenges that have landed on all of us. It remains our goal to be that information source for you as we now enter into a new year.

We start 2021, and our January/February issue, on a most positive and upbeat cover feature on one of the most positive and upbeat people in our industry -- Angie Teel, CMP, with the ASM Global-managed Cox Business Convention Center in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Angie is a realist, as we all should be, but she chooses to live on the side of hope and promise for what lies ahead. We are delighted to share her story with you and her passion for volunteering in all things IAVM.

The issue features a couple of stories with some creative venue uses. We love these types of stories and encourage you to send us your story about what your venue is doing in most creative manners as we build back towards more events and more patrons in our venues -- whenever that might be.

We look at some food and beverage trends, as that is one industry dramatically affected going forward in how guests eat and drink at venues. While we have you in the F&B mood, we invited four of our chefs who participated in the Diversity & Inclusive Leadership Committee's fundraiser at VenueConnect to give us ... please ... just one more recipe for you to tempt your palate with. They obliged, so get ready to be merry, eat, and drink after reading these recipes!

All this and much, much more awaits you! Enjoy, Happy New Year from Venue Professional magazine and the staff of IAVM, and, as always, keep those stories and story ideas coming my way!

R.V. Baugus

Venue Professional Senior Editor

Thank you to our global partners.