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Coming off of a brutal and deadly winter storm that wound across America, and especially touched us here in Texas, I want to invite you into the upcoming March/April issue of Venue Professional magazine, by taking the liberty to quote our cover profile, one Joe Levy, CVE, with the Usdan Center for the Creative & Performing Arts, a 140-acre camp for kids smack dab in the middle of Long Island and a place where "glamping" is the ordered relaxation of the day for many.

“How incredible is it to come here, rent a tent, wake up in the morning, do some yoga in the middle of the woods, and then meet up with the kids and go and take pottery together or learn to play the guitar or if you write go to that part of the woods where it is peaceful and bang out that next chapter of your novel or screen play. Then meet for lunch and go swimming in the pools, and then come back, have a little barbecue, and then get ready for a little outdoor music concert at the amphitheater. That is the program we’re going to develop and hopefully that will be for six to eight months out of the year.”

OK, you will now have to read the full story because that is all the spoiler we are offering. And forget just kids, this editor could use some down-time like this in his own life!

We all can, and trust that you will enjoy the full and interesting story of Joe and his career in the performing arts sector. He is also a huge IAVM volunteer and serves as Chair of the Venue Safety & Security Committee, of which we also examine.

In addition, we have a wealth of features designed to improve your professional acumen, including the areas of working through re-openings, marketing messaging, sustainability, the nobler community role that convention centers play, and much, much more, including your standing favorites of sector columns, "The Lighter Side," "What's Going Up," "For the Love Of ... ," "Venue Doctors," and Linda Deckard's special look at the role that fairgrounds have played and continue to play in the pandemic world.

Enjoy your magazine, and as always, I urge you to send stories my way for consideration to publish as well as any ideas for features that we can follow up on!

R.V. Baugus

Venue Professional Senior Editor

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