Read the May/June 2020 Issue

It seems that everyone I interview for either a story in the IAVM newsletter or Facility Manager magazine on COVID-19, or anyone that writes an article for any of our publications on the topic, always comes with the caveat of, “You better hurry and run this, because it will probably change tomorrow.”

We here at IAVM realize that during this ongoing pandemic no two days are truly the same. In our publications corner of the office, we are very cognizant from the above example that an article appearing today could well be obsolete tomorrow. This is how fast everything about coronavirus is changing and changing our world.

We want to share with you our own publication change, one that we truly hope will be as temporary as possible. The May/June issue of Facility Manager will appear in a digital format copy only. We place every issue of the magazine online, so for those of you who are accustomed to reading it that way, nothing changes. For those accustomed to reading the print copy, please be sure to enjoy the magazine in its entirety online.

We will print the July/August issue  and will mail as usual to honor the change in leadership this July. Our desire is to continue printing FM after this issue. That is a target and a goal, but again …

Please know that ultimately it is our responsibility to be prudent stewards of an operating budget during these difficult times. Many of you already know this as you rearrange budgets and deal with the painstaking matter of whether to lay off staff. We face the same challenges and it simply is not prudent or a show of stewardship at this given moment in time to print. We trust from your own experiences you will understand our decision.

In closing, as we all know, we will come back and we will come back stronger than ever as our venues open back up and serve as they were intended, to bring enjoyment to the communities which you represent. IAVM will also be stronger than ever, and Facility Manager will as well in its print version you have come to love.

R.V. Baugus

Facility Manager Senior Editor

Thank you to our global partners.