The 2018 100 + Women of IAVM campaign was a great success because of YOUR commitment to YOUR IAVM Foundation. Your donations raised over $11,000 and made it possible for five women to attend sector conferences at VenueConnect18 and two woman to go to an IAVM school.  “My heart swells watching the 100+ Women of IAVM goal getting closer. For our third year in a row we are able to change seven women’s lives with education and professional growth.” stated Kerry Painter, CVE, CEM, CMP and Director General Manager of Raleigh Convention Center, IAVM Foundation Board of Trustee member, and champion of the campaign.  Echoing her words is IAVM Foundation Board of Trustees, Chair Robyn Williams, ““It is so wonderful that women in our industry (plus some stellar men!) are coming together to support other women’s participation at VenueConnect. Even though I’m a chair’s circle donor I still make my $100 donation for this terrific Foundation program. I hope you will join me!!”

In its over 35 years, your IAVM Foundation has funded hundreds of scholarships and internships for VMS, AVSS, VenueConnect, and Sector Conferences at VenueConnect.  Through the continued support of our members, these scholarships and internships are made possible. Our success is your success and the success of the whole industry. Thank you for making a difference!


100+ WOMEN 2018 Donors

  1. Lori Marshall, Cow Palace
  2. Brad Mayne, IAVM
  3. Susan Jordan, Spectra
  4. Chris Kibler, INTRUST Bank Arena
  5. Leslee Stewart, Paramount Theatre
  6. Jennifer Norris, San Francisco War Memorial and Performing Arts Center
  7. Courtney Egg, Lesher Center for the Arts
  8. Dana Stoehr, San Mateo County Event Center
  9. Lisa Elliott, Yerba Buena Center for the Arts
  10. Kerry Painter, SMG Tulsa
  11. Suzanne Goodman, SMG/Moscone Center
  12. Antony Bonavita, Cavaliers Operating Company
  13. Valorie Jones, Walton Arts Center
  14. Amanda Gain, VenuWorks of Racine
  15. Jodi Feder, Yerba Buena Center for the Arts
  16. Kimberly Mahoney, University of New Haven
  17. Daniel Huerta, Fair Park, TX!
  18. Troy Thorn, VenuWorks/Chesapeake Conference Center
  19. Jenn Poret, Female
  20. Carly Cuene, PMI Entertainment Group
  21. Paula Kirchman, Resch Center
  22. Elisa Putman, Music City Center
  23. Shannon Heaney Terrill, Ungerboeck Software International
  24. Jennifer Turner, Segerstrom Center for the Arts
  25. Amy Rahja, VStar Entertainment Group
  26. Wendy Riggs, Walton Arts Center
  27. Laura Sweet, Des Moines Performing Arts
  28. Abbie Jo Lady, Show Me Center
  29. John Siehl, VenuWorks
  30. Beth Wade, Berry Center
  31. Kathryn Carlson, Infinite Energy Center
  32. Maura Gast, Irving Convention and Visitors Bureau
  33. Terry Funk, Smart City Networks
  34. Dorothea Lischick, Broadmoor World Arena
  35. Julia Slocombe, Smat City Networks
  36. Robyn Williams, Portland'5 Centers for the Arts
  37. Anastasia Volsko, Huntington Convention Center of cleveland
  38. Lynda Reinhart, O'Connell Center-UF
  39. Heather McAvoy, Schuler Shook
  40. Carol Moore, Newnan Centre
  41. Kim Bedier, City of Tacoma
  42. Donna Miller-Brown, Kauffman Center for the Performing Arts
  43. Michele Swann, Cobb-Marietta Coliseum & Exhibit Hall Authority
  44. Joan LeMahieu, Retired
  45. Carolyn Satter, San Diego Theaters, Inc.
  46. Kelly Hadsall, City of Oklahoma City
  47. Tammy Koolbeck, Iowa State Center/VenuWorks
  48. Anne Wheat Castro, MetLife Stadium
  49. Heidi Snyder, Female
  50. Tom Hansen, SFJAZZ
  51. Kristie Haney, Resch Center
  52. Mary Klida, Cobo Center
  53. John Bolton, SMG-Sports & Entertainment Division
  54. Jody Ulich, Sacramento Convention Center
  55. Kim Stone, American Airlines Arena
  56. Barbara Hubbard, ACTS
  57. Courtney Holcomb, BancorpSouth Arena & Conference Center
  58. Patricia (Trish) Jelinski, BC Place
  59. Donna Julian, Hornet sports & Entertainment/Spectrum Center
  60. Tammy Turnipseed, City of San Jose
  61. Alexis Berggren, Old National Events Plaza
  62. Carolyn Gibson, Tortessa Tableware Solutions
  63. JoAnn Armstrong, Honda Center
  64. Donna Dowless, XOXO Media Group
  65. Carol Wallace, Carol Wallace & Associates
  66. Laura Womack, The Fairgrounds Nashville
  67. Lisa Woods, City of Tacoma, Venues & Events
  68. Rip & Leah Rippetoe, San Diego Convention Center
  69. Julie Bunker, Portland 5 Center for the Arts
  70. Vicki Key – Retired, Lubbock Memorial Civic Center
  71. Lynne King Smith, Ticketforce
  72. Omolara Adelusi, Sheba Center LTD
  73. Michele Powell, Capital One Arena
  74. Robert Hunter, Scotia Bank Arena
  75. Ashley Rose Schneider, Kentucky Center for the Performing Arts
  76. Cheryl Swanson, Columbia Metropolitan Convention Center
  77. Bill Powell, Feld Entertainment
  78. Tom Tingle, DLR Group
  79. Joyce Leveston, Massachusetts Convention Center Authority

100+ WOMEN 2019 Donors

  1. Laura Lenhart, Marcus Center for the Performing Arts
  2. Shannon Terrill, Ungerboeck Software International
  3. Anne Wheat Castro, MetLife Stadium
  4. Julia Slocombe, Smart City
  5. Joan LeMahieu, Retired
  6. Jason Blackwell, Paramount Theatre of the Arts
  7. Brad Mayne, IAVM
  8. Kerry Painter, Raleigh Convention Center
  9. Beth Wade, Berry Center
  10. Daniel Huerta, Fair Park, TX
  11. Troy Thorn, Chesapeake Conference Center
  12. John Siehl, VenuWorks
  13. Kimberly Mahoney, University of New Haven
  14. Heather McAvoy, Schuler Shook
  15. Carisa Norton, Las Angeles Convention Center
  16. Dan Concepcion, Santa Clara Convention Center
  17. Lynn Cannon, Grossinger Motors Arena
  18. Kevin & Shannon Duvall, Georgia World Congress Center
  19. Justin Aquino, San Mateo County Event Center
  20. Cyndee Pennington, Pensacola Bay Center
  21. Heather Lightsey, Emerald Coast Convention Center
  22. Carol Moore, Newnan Centre
  23. Chris Whitney, Intrust Bank Arena
  24. Aaron Biggs, Indiana State Fairgrounds
  25. Michelle Menningmann, Mississippi Coast Coliseum & Convention Center
  26. Pam Matthews, International Entertainment Buyers Association
  27. Michele Swann, Cobb-Marietta Coliseum & Exhibit Hall Authority
  28. Lynda Reinhart, O'Connell Center-UF
  29. Elisa Putman, Music City Center
  30. Stephen Battaglio, PeopleReady
  31. John Rhamstine, Scope Arena
  32. Maura Gast, Irving Convention and Visitors Bureau
  33. Rosanne Duke, IAVM
  34. Abbie Jo Lady, Show Me Center
  35. Jodi Cobalt, Yerba Buena Center for the Arts
  36. JoAnn Armstrong, Honda Center
  37. Shura Garnett, Oak View Group
  38. Robyn Williams, Portland'5 Centers for the Arts
  39. Stacey Church, Kay Bailey Hutchison Convention Center
  40. Michele Powell, Capital One Arena
  41. Julie Johnson, Armored Things, Inc.
  42. Karen Hoffman, Madison Square Garden
  43. Lynne King Smith, Ticketforce
  44. Barbara Hubbard, ACTS
  45. Kim Bedier, City of Tacoma
  46. Evelyn Ingram, Event Booking
  47. Donna Julian, Hornets Sports & Entertainment/Spectrum Center
  48. Caitlin Sevener, Allen Event Center
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