Give the Gift of IAVM

Give the Gift of IAVM

This holiday season, give someone you know the gift of IAVM Membership.  – Just a few minutes of your time is needed to sign up a co-worker, employee, intern, or student.

The steps are simple: tell us who will receive the gift and provide your payment information, then download a personal card to notify your referral that you are awarding them with an IAVM membership. It’s that easy! 

Member Services will provide the recipient with the link for the appropriate membership application. Once received, we will process the payment. We will notify you when your new member signs up. After one year, once they have experienced first hand what IAVM has to offer, they may renew their membership.

Dues will depend on which membership category is appropriate for the recipient. For your reference, categories, eligibility, and respective dues are listed below.

IAVM Membership Categories:

  • Professional – Individuals who manage or are actively involved in the management, administration or operation of a public venue. – Dues $470
  • Young Professional – Individuals who are actively involved in the management, administration or operation of a public venue at a level below the top two levels of management at the venue, i.e., Executive, General Manager or Department Head and who are 30 years of age and younger. – Dues $250
  • Student – Individual enrolled at a university, college, or post-secondary technical school and is actively pursuing a degree in fields associated with, or appropriate to public venue management or operations. If the individual is employed full-time with a venue or industry provider, he or she is ineligible for Student Membership. – Dues $75
  • Faculty – Open to individuals who are employed full-time as faculty of an accredited, post-secondary educational institution, providing instruction and training in disciplines and/or areas associated with the venue management industry, such as sports or venue management and/or hospitality. – Dues $180
  • Allied – Any firm, organization, or individual engaged in providing product, equipment, services or attractions for public venues. – Dues $620

Your chosen recipient will have the chance to connect to the industry’s professional core, plug into its powerful network, be enlightened by visionaries, and be inspired by once-in-a-lifetime experiences!

Questions? Email the IAVM Membership Department, or give us a call at 972-906-7441.

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