Governance Committee


Tammy Koolbeck, CVE - CHAIR
Sherman Bass, CVE
Richard Haycock, CVE
Lynda Reinhart
Brian Stovall, CVE; CVP
Randy Vogel, CVE
Beth Wade, CVE


Purpose: to assist the Executive Committee in fulfilling its leadership responsibilities and commitments, on behalf of the Board of Directors, as stated in its Governance Process and BCD policies.


  • Annually review and prepare any proposed changes to the organization’s Bylaws, including both additions and deletions, to ensure relevancy and consistency with governance policies;
  • Develop and recommend to the Executive Committee a statement of competencies, criteria and personal attributes required for nomination to the Executive Committee, Board of Directors and for Board Committees;
  • Draft and propose necessary changes to governing policy, including both additions and deletions; 
  • Draft the Annual Work Plan of the Board of Directors for its consideration;
  • Recommend appropriate procedures and processes for accomplishing the Board of Directors Annual Work Plan;
  • Draft an annual communication plan for the Executive Committee and for the Board of Directors for their consideration and execution, to ensure two-way dialogue with members.


Membership: (positions 3 – 7 filled by members in good standing)

  • Chair:  First Vice-Chair of the Board
  • Board member
  • Member at large
  • Member at large
  • Member at large
  • Member at large
  • Member at large


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