IAVM Diversity And Inclusive Leadership Committee Takes Form

IAVM’s Diversity and Inclusive Leadership Committee is new and born partly out of the One Member, One Vote that was passed prior to VenueConnect 2017. Before the committee came truly into existence, one of the highlights at VenueConnect in Nashville was a reception in which committee Vice Chair Robyn Williams, CFE, shared some remarks about how a new committee was being birthed and what some of its goals would be. That speech, not surprisingly, drew several individuals who committed donations to help enable more diversified attendees to have the opportunity to come to a future VenueConnect. That, of course, is but one of the highlights for the committee moving forward.

The Diversity and Inclusive Leadership Committee (DILC) is focused on developing opportunities to promote a diverse membership into leadership roles in IAVM. Leadership emphasis to focus on members of color, culturally diverse members, LGBTQ members, women and people with disabilities.

The committee’s purpose is to ensure that boards, committees and other leadership positions reflect diversity in their makeup.

The committee’s charge is in:
• Identifying issues related to maximizing the diversity of ALL membership
• Celebrating the benefits and possibilities of a diverse and complex membership
• Recognizing and celebrating the richness of an active, diverse membership
• Advising the IAVM Board on mechanisms and programs that encourage diversity in leadership roles
• Encouraging active participation by membership of color including identifying barriers and how to remove them
• Enriching the Association and the profession through diverse leaders

“As IAVM delivers on its commitment to serve a diverse and inclusive membership, I am honored and proud to do my part along with this esteemed committee to ensure we do all we can to include, educate and foster, all,” said Julia Slocombe, committee chair and vice president, regional operations for the Western Region of Smart City. “I am encouraged by the words of Stephen R. Covey that ‘strength lies in our differences, not in similarities.'”

It is with pride in noting that the committee is comprised of four past IAVM chairs/presidents. In addition to Chairman Slocombe, other committee members include:

Robyn Williams, CFE, Vice Chair (IAVM past president)
Executive Director
Portland’5 Centers for the Arts

Kim Damron
President and COO

Jimmy Earl, CFE (IAVM past president)
Senior Athletics Director
Frank Erwin Center

Shura Garnett, CFE (IAVM past president)
Division Senior Vice President
Spectra Venue Management and Food Services & Hospitality

Daniel Huerta
Executive General Manager
Fair Park

Joyce Leveston
Director, Convention Services
Events DC

Jennifer Norris, MFE
Assistant Managing Director
San Francisco War Memorial and Performing Arts Center

Steve Peters, CFE (IAVM past president)

Naz Sabripour, CEM, CVP
Director of Events and Operations
Pasadena Convention Center

Jill Schinberg
Assistant Professor
University of Kentucky
College of Fine Arts

Troy Thorn, CTA
Executive Director
Chesapeake Conference Center

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