Brad Mayne, CVE

President and CEO
Office: 972-538-1021 | Email

Leads the IAVM staff to accomplish the goals and strategic plans of the organization, as determined by the IAVM Board of Directors.

Ronald Melton

Office: 972-538-1034 | Email

Oversees day-to-day operations and finances of the organization.

Education Department

Mark Herrera

Director of Education
Office: 972-538-1005 | Email

Responsible for developing and implementing an education program strategy as well as the day-to-day operations of the education team.

Greg Wolfe

Education Manager
Cell: 469-371-4724 | Email

Supports the education initiatives of IAVM, including schools, meetings, conferences and online resources.

Governance / Operations Department

Rosanne Duke

Director of Governance/Operations
Office: 972-538-1025 | Email

Manages all governance processes and provides support to IAVM’s Board of Directors and Certification Board. Oversees operations.


IT Department

Lori Wehmer

Database Manager
Office: 972-538-1018 | Email

Responsible for management and analysis of the Membership database. Support end user, special reports and database maintenance.

Kayoung Kim

Research Specialist
Office: 972-538-1001 | Email

Manages all aspects of IAVM research, surveys and studies.

Marketing Department

Amy Fitzpatrick

Director of Marketing
Office: 972-538-1006 | Email

Responsible for marketing strategy and materials.

R.V. Baugus

Senior Editor
Office: 972-538-1014 | Email

Responsible for all content in the Facility Manager magazine and IAVM News newsletter as well as other products as needed.

Chuck Pope

Creative Services Manager
Office: 972-538-1017 | Email

Responsible for graphic design and production for IAVM products and programs.

Meetings Department

Hillary Harvey

Meetings & Certification Coordinator
Office: 972-538-1027 | Email

Responsible for IAVM program registration and housing, and administrative support for certification initiatives and educational programs.

Membership Department

Gina Brydson

Director of Membership
Office: 972-538-1008 | Email

Oversees all aspects of membership, with a focus on growth and retention.

Robin Covington

Member Care Manager
Office: 972-538-1016 | Email

Provides support in achieving member acquisition and renewal goals by managing communications efforts and new member onboarding process.

Sales Department

Becky Setterberg

Director of Sales
Office: 972-538-1015 | Email

Oversees all aspects of sales and Allied partnerships, including trade show and sponsorships.


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