Job Shadowing Program

IAVM’s Job Shadowing Program gives students, who have expressed an interest in a venue management career, the opportunity to experience facility management live. Connect with professionals across all industry sectors, including Allied Companies, by shadowing them while they perform daily operations. Shadow experiences will focus on the student’s area of interest or may be a general overview of venue management.


Venue Host

  • Recruit students as potential employees, volunteers, or interns
  • Better prepare the future of our industry through practical learning experiences
  • Build a solid relationship with universities to create a direct talent pipeline



  • Experience different careers in the field of venue management
  • Opportunities to secure internships
  • Increased professional
  • Hands on learning experiences in the venue types / sectors of interest


What to Expect

Each job shadowing experience will be comprised of two visits to the venue:

Non-Event Day Experience:
Student participants will be given a tour of the facility with special focus on areas that interest the student within the venue industry. The student and venue professional will choose an event after their initial visit that will coincide with an event, game, or concert. Parameters will be shared with the student before the engagement date is secured.

Event Day Experience:
Students will have an opportunity to see the venue staff in action as they prepare for and execute the event. Experiences may include attending preevent meetings (pre-cons) with guest services, security, front or back-of-house, etc. White papers may be required by your professor to document what was learned during the experience(s).


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