Eric Hart, CVE
Martha Henderson
Evelyn Ingram
Elizabeth Land
Michael Marion, CVE - CHAIR
John Siehl, CVE
Carol Wallace


Purpose:  to provide counsel to the Executive Committee and Board of Directors with respect to its organization, membership and functions, and committee structure and membership.


  • Identify, recruit, vet and nominate potential members to the Executive Committee and to the Board of Directors for election by March;
  • Ensure the conduct of the Executive Committee’s and the Board of Director’s self-assessment against its stated values in GP and BCD policies, including the identification of areas for improvement and development of an action plan for improvement;
  • Plan for the Executive Committee’s and Board of Director’s continuing education, including orientation and mentoring for new members and professional development of members and directors.


Membership: (positions 5 – 7 filled by members in good standing)

  • Chair:  Immediate past-chair of the Board
  • Current second vice-chair of the Board
  • Past Chair
  • Past Chair
  • Member at large
  • Member at large
  • Member at large


Reporting schedule:  at regularly scheduled monthly Executive Committee meetings

Term:  one year with renewal and appointment at VenueConnect

Authority over resources:  reasonable staff and logistical support

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