Trained Crowd Manager

The Trained Crowd Manager Course, or TCM, was developed by the International Association of Venue Managers (IAVM), to improve public safety and provide venue operators a means to meet their obligations under the NFPA Life Safety Code. The Trained Crowd Manager Course will give you the skills you need to identify hazards, report problems and help protect yourself and others during an emergency.

By participating in this course you are helping improve public safety. Although we sincerely hope the skills presented in this course are never needed, we are glad to know that public venues are served by people like you who are willing to take action and help save lives.

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Mindset: Situational Awareness

This course is designed to enhance situational awareness by providing training to enhance mental preparation, response and mitigation to Environmental Threats.  Employees, Key Stakeholders and   will receive the tools of survival by learning to scan the environment and sense danger, challenges and opportunities, while maintaining the ability to conduct normal activities. 

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Active Threat/Active Shooter

The Active Threat/Active Shooter (ATAS) is designed to provide the attendee knowledge and skills to successfully handle an active threat event.  This course will assist in protecting all Critical Infrastructures such as; Public Assembly Facilities, Businesses, Government Offices, Places of Worship and Schools to properly plan and respond to an Active Shooter or threat.  Executives, Mid-level Managers, Frontline Staff and Key Stakeholders will receive the tools of survival by learning to prepare for and respond to Active Shooter Crisis Situation through an interactive and “Reality Based” approach.

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