COPPELL, Tx--The International Association of Venue Managers (IAVM)—representing thousands of venue managers and partner companies in stadiums, convention centers, performing arts centers, arenas, amphitheaters, stadiums and other public assembly venues—is deeply saddened by the tragic events that took place in Manchester, England on Monday, May 22. 

“We at IAVM extend our thoughts and prayers to those touched by this horrific tragedy at Manchester Arena,” said Brad Mayne, CEO and President.  “Together, we work hard to make sure that all venues are well prepared to address every issue concerning the safety and security of our patrons.  As public assembly managers, we are reminded of the constant need to train, plan, assess, prepare staff to be extra cognizant of every aspect of our buildings, be aware of behaviors and cues of those entering our doors and understand all aspects of our unique venues.”

In response to the Manchester attacks, IAVM has been in contact with the U.S. Department of Homeland Security and industry partners to gather information and provide updates to the IAVM community.

“There are still many facts in this situation that we don’t know yet, but we do know that this senseless tragedy will impact people far beyond those who attended the concert,” stated Mark Mettes, President & CEO of the Herberger Theater Center and Chair of the Board of Directors for IAVM.  “In these times, we must remind ourselves of our personal responsibilities at our venues.  Please make time to review your own Emergency Evacuation Plans and any Emergency Procedures your venue has for Staff.  If your venue doesn’t have these plans or procedures, I strongly encourage you to reach out to the leadership of your venue and do your part in taking the necessary steps toward preparedness.  If you aren’t sure what to do and where to start, please reach out to IAVM.  We can certainly help.”

IAVM will provide additional updates as more information becomes available.

For more information, please contact Amy Fitzpatrick at (972) 538-1006 or by email at amy.fitzpatrick@iavm.org.

Thank you to our global partners.