As a member, you have a front-row seat for industry trends — plus backstage access to venue management's superstars. Get connected to the industry's professional core, plugged into its powerful network, enlightened by visionaries and inspired by once-in-a-lifetime experiences. 


Young Professionals


If venue management is in your blood (and on your business card), professional membership is for you. It takes your game to a whole new level by plugging you into a global network with priority access to career-energizing events, opportunity-building education and the industry's top stories and news.

Kick-start your career in venue management by joining IAVM at the young professional level (under 30). It's a chance to surge ahead, to maneuver learning curves at top speed — fueled by expert knowledge, powerful educational resources and networking opportunities with the who's who of the industry.

IAVM suppliers and companies take center stage with our venue professional audience. With 106 categories in our IAVM Marketplace, an industry-wide spectrum of Allied members experience strong connections to our professional network both online and face-to-face at IAVM conferences and the annual trade show.




How do you teach students about an industry that changes at lightning speed? By tracking change as it happens, continually refreshing your knowledge base and maintaining an open exchange with industry thought leaders — all compliments of your IAVM faculty membership.

If you think venue management is the most fun you could get paid to have, you're right. That's why so many people want in. IAVM student membership helps you score a coveted admission ticket by providing door-opening education, real-world industry experiences and connections to the pros.

Do you have more staff you’d like to be involved with IAVM?  Be a rockstar and deliver all of benefits of IAVM membership to up to 20 members of your venue at a significantlly reduced rate. Welcome to the Group Membership.

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