Contribute to the educational value of IAVM’s VenueConnect Annual Conference & Trade Show!

IAVM’s Education Department is seeking proposals that contain relevant, innovative, and well researched content.

The International Association of Venue Managers (IAVM) 95th VenueConnect Annual Conference & Trade Show provides targeted education created specifically for more than 2,000 arena, stadium, convention center, performing arts center, amphitheater & fairgrounds, university, and allied professionals.

We look forward to seeing you in Long Beach, July 26th to 29th! 

Submission Guidelines

  • IAVM membership is not required for a submission.
  • There are no fees required to submit a proposal.
  • All proposals must be non-sales or marketing orientated.
  • Session slots are 60 minutes. (It is suggested that you include time for Q&A)


IAVM does not normally pay per diem, honoraria, or expenses. However, all considerations will be made on a per session/speaker basis.

Proposal Review Process

The 2020 VenueConnect Sector Planning Committees will review each submission and will contact you by January 10th to inform you of their decision.

VenueConnect Session Categories

The 2020 VenueConnect Sector Planning Committees have chosen the below session categories for their respective education tracks. Please review the list below for each sector’s categories. If you have a session idea that is different from the categories listed please submit your ideas for consideration using the 'other' category within our form.

ALL VENUES : Accessibility/ADA
ALL VENUES : Corporate Culture: How to Create, Encourage, Repair etc
ALL VENUES : Cyber Safety & Security
ALL VENUES : Law & Regulations Affecting Venues
ALL VENUES : Recruiting & Retaining Organization Talent
ALL VENUES : Sustainability & Resiliency
ALL VENUES : Women in Leadership
AMPHITHEATER & FAIRGROUNDS : Amphitheater Focused Session
AMPHITHEATER & FAIRGROUNDS : Company Culture: Create, Encourage, Repair
AMPHITHEATER & FAIRGROUNDS : Diversity, Equity & Inclusion
AMPHITHEATER & FAIRGROUNDS : Fair Focused Food & Beverage Session
ARENAS : Creating Own Content/Programing
ARENAS : Design
ARENAS : Diversity, Equity & Inclusion
ARENAS : Leadership Keynote
ARENAS : Safety & Security
ARENAS : Technology
ARENAS : Ticketing
ARENAS : Tiertiary Markets
CONVENTION CENTERS : International Session - Operations, Revenue, Design
CONVENTION CENTERS : Leadership Keynote
CONVENTION CENTERS : Safety & Security
PERFORMING ARTS : Diversity, Equity & Inclusion
PERFORMING ARTS : Fostering Healthy Change in your Culture
PERFORMING ARTS : Leadership Keynote
PERFORMING ARTS : Volunteer Management
STADIUMS : Corporate Culture: How to Create, Encourage, Repair etc
STADIUMS : Creating Own Content/Programing
STADIUMS : Leadership Keynote
STADIUMS : Operations
STADIUMS : Recruiting & Retaining Organization Talent
STADIUMS : Revenue & Sales
STADIUMS : Safety & Security
STADIUMS : Work Life Balance/Productivity/Technology
UNIVERSITIES : Alcohol management, safety, tips, etc.
UNIVERSITIES : Leadership Keynote
UNIVERSITIES : Diversity, Equity & Inclusion
UNIVERSITIES : Safety & Security

Session Submission Form

The deadline to submit a session is Friday, December 6th. (CLOSED)


Thank you to our global partners.