Performing Arts Venue Managers to Meet in Kansas City


IAVM Headquarters – The International Association of Venue Managers will host its annual Performing Arts Managers Conference (PAMC) in Kansas City February 22-25. IAVM is the largest association for individuals who manage large venues including stadiums, arenas, convention centers outdoor music festivals and events, and performing arts centers. PAMC conference attendees include a variety of professional levels from students to industry veterans in the performing arts, music, and entertainment industries. The event covers four days of networking and education, including the latest industry innovations, technology, and research to help venue managers deliver the best possible guest experience to their patrons.

Topics for this year’s conference include sponsorship, alternative programming, weather safety and active shooter preparedness, and marketing and re-branding a venue.

Keynote speaker Richard Andersen, CFE, will speak about his experience on the hit show “Undercover Boss” as the former Northlands CEO and how it truly changed the way he manages staff and uses collaboration to succeed as a venue.

Attendees will also visit various local venues and performances including a reception at the American Jazz Museum, and receive private tours of some of Kansas City’s most gorgeous facilities including the Kauffman Center for the Performing Arts, the Kansas City Ballet, the Copaken Stage, Midland Theatre, and Starlight Theatre during their visit.

IAVM encourages all local Kansas City venue professionals to join the conference, which will take place at the Kansas City Marriott Hotel. Register at

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