IAVM Chapter Meetings enhance member value by:

  • Supplementing networking experiences and education gained by attending Region meetings and VenueConnect
  • Offering an alternative for networking and educational opportunities for members unable to attend other IAVM programs


Whether you are meeting someone for the first time or getting reacquainted with an old friend, Chapter Meetings provide opportunities to share ideas and experiences with industry colleagues in your area. Chapter Meetings are not limited to members only, so you have an opportunity to broaden your own horizons or to bring a friend.


One of the keys to being successful in venue management is to continuously learn new approaches and the best practices of our industry. Chapter Meetings provide convenient opportunities for sharing the knowledge that IAVM is famous for. Whether the program is more structured or less formal, the local flavour of your Chapter Meeting can make it especially relevant and valuable for all attendees.

Chapters Meetings are a grassroots initiative with Region affiliation designed to enhance member value and to strengthen the industry. By including non-members in your meeting, you can also help to develop membership in IAVM.

Hosting a Chapter Meeting is easier than you think!

Select Hosting a Meeting from the menu, where you’ll find the basic steps you can follow to create a Chapter Meeting of your own. You’ll also find helpful hints, tools and people resources to support your efforts. It’s really that easy!

Development truly requires individuals that are passionate and will take ownership of making a meeting happen. Collaboration with peers and colleagues will make the process go a lot easier.


Thank you to our global partners.