How to Start A Chapter Meeting (Tool Kit)

Step 1:

  • Check the Region Directory listing and locate your state at
  • Contact the Region Director listed; picture and contact information will appear at the top of the page.
  • The Region Director will be very helpful in guiding you on the format of previous meetings and developing content that attendees will find useful.

Step 2: Member Contacts

Request a list of names of current IAVM members in your area from IAVM WHQ. This can be done in one of two ways: 1) by accessing the database of names in the IAVM Membership Directory or 2) by contacting, Gina Brydson (, IAVM Director of Membership. A list will be emailed. Please give a three day notice when you request the list.

Step 3: Where and When

  • The easiest way to determine the best date, time and location for your meeting is to survey the members. IAVM Headquarters can assist with setting up a survey through Survey Monkey. You will receive a link which you can send to the member list obtained in Step 2. A survey template can be obtained in the Additional Resources section.
  • Once your survey has been completed, analyze the results to determine the best date and time as well as possible topics for the educational portion.
  • With a list of preferred dates and times, you can work on selecting the proper location. The selection of the meeting site can enhance the program and attendance at the Chapter Meeting. A recently constructed or renovated venue can add opportunities for programming regarding new technology or techniques as well as providing an occasion for tours. Other site selection considerations include the size of the venue, the geographic location within the chapter and the parking requirements.

Step 4: Programming

Hopefully your survey from Step 3 provides you with ideas on possible programming, but if  you still need more, check out the agenda templates in the Additional Resources section. These are simply suggestions based on what has worked in other cities. To make the Chapter Meeting successful for your local members, modify these agendas as necessary.

Step 5: Support from Headquarters

If you haven’t already, now is the time to contact IAVM's Director of Membership, Gina Brydson. Phone: 972.538.1008 or 800.935.4226 ext.1008. IAVM Headquarters will provide information about the value of membership; applications, benefits, copies of Facility Manager magazine, venue-specific conferences, etc. will be shipped in time for your meeting.

Submit your meeting information (including date, time and location) via email to Gina Brydson, and the information will be added on the Chapter Website Calendar and the IAVM Master Events Calendar. Also, please send an e-mail to your Region Director.

Step 6: Invitations

  • Request an updated list of names of current IAVM members and prospects in your area from Gina Brydson.
  • Once you have your list ready, send out an email blast with your invite, but feel free to think outside the box as well. EVite, the VenueNet Daily Digest, and other social networking tools are all available. Headquarters can also include an announcement in the next email newsletter. Remember to add Gina Brydson, Director of Membership, to the invitation list, so IAVM Headquarters can monitor attendance at the meetings.
  • Encourage the members on your list to distribute the invitation to non-members in their venue and anyone else who may be interested in attending. The more the merrier when it comes to Chapter Meetings.
  • Check in and send reminders to your list leading up to the meeting. Good options are an email with additional information about the topic/speaker, followed by a “last chance to register” email.

Step 7: Prep for the meeting

  • Once the RSVP deadline has passed, create your registration list (with plenty of room for walk ups). A Registration Template is available in the Additional Resources section.
  • Work with the host venue to be sure all of their details are taken care of. Networking  opportunities are an important aspect to IAVM and the Chapter Meetings. This can be facilitated with refreshments of any kind. Generally the host site determines what snacks or beverages are available depending on the time of day, attendance and costs.
  • Take photos of the event if possible
  • Enjoy your meeting. You did an outstanding job.

Step 8: The Wrap-up

  • Please send a copy of your registration list to Gina Brydson in the Membership Department; be sure to include nonmembers. These prospects will be entered into the database and nurtured for future participation at conferences, schools and membership.
  • Work with headquarters to include a note on how things went in the next newsletter, and include a brief recap on VenueNet. Send any photos that were taken.

For More Information on Chapter Meetings

If you need more information or ideas for your Chapter Meeting, please contact IAVM staff Gina Brydson, your Regional Director or any members of the IAVM Membership Committee.

Thank you to our global partners.