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Performing Arts Centers Reporting Handbook

Convention Center Performance Reporting Framework Handbook
The Handbook provides convention centers with benchmarks for evaluating and communicating their organization’s performance. Activity, performance, and productivity measures are covered in all key venue functional areas. ROI formulas and definitions are also included.



2018 Reports

  • 2018 Compensation Report

2017 Reports

  • 2017 Food and Beverage
  • 2017 Technology
  • 2017 Funding Report
  • 2017 Safety and Security
  • Social Media Metrics

2016 Reports

  • 2016 Sustainability Report
  • 2016 Management Salary
  • 2015 (Fiscal Year) Operating Expense and Revenue​


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Additional CEIR Reports (IAVM Members Only)

About VenueDataSource

For growth-focused venue professionals, venue partners and educational experts looking to make informed, data-driven decisions, VenueDataSource is your comprehensive resource. We connect the dots.

VenueDataSource is the research program of IAVM and is a valuable resource for its members, partners and the public.

VenueDataSource offers information and detailed reports on industry performance, benchmarking and other key indicators that guide venue management throughout the world. We facilitate information-gathering, sharing and tracking to create more informed facility managers and educators.

We serve and educate through reports, webinars, custom surveys, information-processing and more.

Members who participate in the information-gathering survey process receive these comprehensive reports – covering topics such as staffing, salary, and revenue – free of charge while non-members and other interested parties may purchase the reports. 

Annual subscriptions are available for qualified educators and educational institutions.

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