Andy Jabbour
Gate 15
616 Newington Place NE
Leesburg, VA 20176
United States
(703) 728-5072

Emergency Response Planning (EMERGENCY); Personnel/ Staffing/ Training (STAFFING); Security Consultants (SECCONSULT)


Gate 15: Threat-Informed, Risk-Based Analysis, Preparedness and Operations (

Gate 15 is a Virginia-based Veteran-Owned Small Business registered in the Commonwealth of Virginia as a Small, Women and Minority (SWaM) Vendor. We support our clients’ and partners' risk management and organizational security and resilience activities by providing expertise in threat analysis, operations and preparedness (planning, training, exercise and continuity) support. Our team maintains extensive relationships across the private and public sector critical infrastructure, homeland security and intelligence communities, and brings unique experience working with Information Sharing and Analysis Centers (ISACs) and Organizations (ISAOs).

Also, unique to Gate 15 is our ability to ensure that any activities we support benefit from our company's active threat monitoring across the global, all-hazards environment, the open source results of which we publish in a free daily Situational Update Notification and two comprehensive weekly reports - the Threat Dashboard and the Torpedo Report (subscribe here:

Andy Jabbour. Andy is the founder of Gate 15 where he leads team development and mentors team members. He leads Gate 15’s vision, strategy, growth and development and client support to include personnel, productivity, client relationships and all other aspects of service. Andy is primarily responsible for ongoing Gate 15 operations, leading Gate 15’s threat analysis activities and supports client projects in a variety of roles. Andy has previously provided support to the Department of Homeland Security’s Office of Infrastructure Protection, where since 2007 he led contract support to planning, training and exercise projects and supported various national incidents. Andy has also led projects at the Real Estate and Financial Services ISACs, the Department of Defense, the US Army Corps of Engineers and the US Nuclear Regulatory Commission. Andy graduated from George Mason University and earned his MA from Webster University. He served eight years as a US Army Field Artillery & Civil Affairs Officer with tours in Kosovo, Iraq and Afghanistan. To contact Andy, email him at or connect with Andy on LinkedIn.


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