IHS Global Alliance - The Americas
Eve Mathis
Senior National Sales Manager (Santa Monica, CA)
Imperial Dade
Kenneth Hidalgo
Sports & Entertainment (Miami, FL)
Iowa Rotocast Plastics
Steve Rolfs
Regional Director (Decorah, IA)
Iowa Rotocast Plastics, Inc.
Steve Rolfs
Regional Director- Northeast US, Eastern Canada & Europe (Decorah, IA)
John Jezisek
Owner (Danville, CA)
Levy Restaurants
Jose Torres
Director of Operation (San Juan, PR)
Levy Restaurants
Robert Nicklin
Senior Vice President Business Development (Chicago, IL)
Levy Restaurants
Jeffrey Wineman
Executive Vice President/Development (Chicago, IL)
Levy Restaurants
Shannon Trujillo
Director, Business Development (Las Vegas, NV)
Levy Restaurants
Joiel Alexander
Vice President Convention Centers (Chicago, IL)



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Thank you to our global partners.