Turner Construction Turns To Daktronics To Upgrade Video And Scoring Systems At Alamodome

Daktronics announced that the company has been selected by Turner Construction in San Antonio, Texas, to design, manufacture, and install a new multi-display system for the Alamodome. These additions are a part of overall renovations to the Alamodome in preparation for the City of San Antonio’s hosting of the 2018 men’s college basketball championships.

“It’s a pleasure to continue our long-standing relationship with Daktronics,” said Nick Langella, Alamodome general manager. “Our goal is to continually enhance the guest experience and the improved technology that Daktronics delivers will make every event even more memorable to our fans.”

The four main displays to be installed in the corners of the facility will measure approximately 33 feet high by 60 feet wide and feature 10-millimeter SMD line spacing – an increase from the previously-existing 16-millimeter Daktronics technology – to provide excellent image clarity and contrast with wide angle visibility.

The displays are capable of variable content zoning which allows them each to show one large image across the entire display or each display can also be separated into multiple zones. These zones can then show any combination of live video, instant replays, scoring and statistic information, animations, and sponsor advertisements.

A ribbon display will wrap around the seating fascia of the entire facility. It will measure 3 feet high by more than 1,868 feet long and feature 15-millimeter line spacing. This display will be able to show complimentary content to the main displays such as up-to-the-minute statistics and animations while also providing the opportunity to highlight sponsors throughout events.

“We’re proud to continue our long-standing partnership with the Alamodome, a facility that hosts numerous high-profile events such as the men’s collegiate national basketball championships in 2018,” said Dan Fjeldheim, Daktronics sales representative. “It’s a testament to our products and services when our customers continue to trust Daktronics for their high-profile events. We’re excited to see this project come together this year.”

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