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Connecting Research And Practice Presented At VenueConnect
By Kimberly Mahoney, Ph.D., CVP Information allows businesses to make informed decisions. There are a number of sources available to venue managers to assist in decision-making, evaluation of day-to-day operations, long-term planning, and negotiations, amongst others. In an effort to support the...
New HRC Report: Data Reveals Half Of LGBTQ Employees In The U.S. Remain Closeted At Work
The Human Rights Campaign (HRC) Foundation released the results of a survey of employees across the nation, revealing the persistent daily challenges that have led nearly half of LGBTQ people to remain closeted at their workplaces — a rate largely unchanged over the past decade. A Workplace Divided...
Joe Gerstandt To Share The Power Of Inclusive Leadership At VenueConnect
Inclusion seems to be a hot word right now. Just what does it mean? Allow the following, taken from the website of speaker and author Joe Gerstandt to provide a solid base to answer: While difference is a property of relationships, inclusion is what we do with it. How do we respond to the...


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