Convention Centers Sessions

All sessions held in Metro Toronto Convention Centre 718B, unless otherwise indicated.
Sessions and times are subject to change.

BootCamp: Design Charrette

BootCamp: Audio Visual Ballroom vs Trade Hall

BootCamp: CDA / AODA / ADA

BootCamp: Ethics

BootCamp: Food Pairings

BootCamp: Food Trucks & Waste Diversion

BootCamp: Non Traditional Learning Environments

BootCamp: Safety & Security

Keynote Speaker: Sunjay Nath: Strength-Based Leadership: The 10-80-10 Principle 

How to Make Doing Business with a Convention Center Easier

Marketing & Selling Your Facility in the Technological Age

Natural Disasters - Before, During, and After

Round Table

Standardized Key Performance Indicators for Convention Centres

The State of EMSSI – A Hands on Approach to Safety and Security with the Portal

Town Hall

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