DirectConnect Hosted Buyer Program
Terms and Conditions (return to the DirectConnect overview)
For participating professionals and hosted buyers:
If you are qualified to participate in this program, IAVM will provide you with a VenueConnect full conference registration and two complimentary hotel nights at one of our host hotels. (you must reserve your entire stay on your own, once your participation in the program has been confirmed the hotels will reduce your total amount due to them by two nights) In exchange for registration and two nights at a host hotel, you agree to fully participate in all aspects of the DirectConnect Program, by providing your on site cell phone, attend ten (10) meetings during the official directconnect hours, (these meetings must be pre-arranged before arriving to the conference) provide reasonable information for our allied members to select matchmaking meetings with you, and provide IAVM post-event feedback regarding the program. Participation in this program is non-transferable. In the event you are unable to fulfill your commitment to DirectConnect, IAVM reserves the right to invoice you for any nonrefundable costs associated with your commitment in participation. By participating in this program you acknowledge and agree to these terms and conditions.
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