Sponsor Showcase

What is the Sponsor Showcase?

IAVM has added a new level of exposure for our sponsors, the Sponsors Showcase.  As a sponsor for the sector conference, at the silver level or higher,  one of your added benefits is to host a complimentary sponsor showcase table located in the lobby area of the convention center.  The Sponsor Showcase is not a trade show/exhibit hall space.  Participating sponsors are provided with a small space and a cocktail tall boy outside of the meeting rooms. Sponsors are welcome to bring one pop up banner, collateral, business cards etc. to have at your table and may ship these items to the convention center.  IAVM will schedule dedicated times throughout the program for the Sponsor Showcase.  Attendees will visit the Sponsor Showcase during scheduled times, breaks and in between sessions to network directly with sponsors and get more information about your products/services.  If you would like to host a table please email sales@iavm.org as space is limited.   Space location cannot be preassigned nor is guaranteed.  AV and electric is not included.  Also please remember sponsors are encouraged and welcome to attend all sessions, receptions, and networking events.​

We ask that you bring no more than the following items for your display:

  • Collateral for the table
  • One sign or small pop up banner
  • A small product that you sell – chair etc.
  • A high boy cocktail round of your own – if it’s your product that you are wanting to display we encourage bringing your own
    • Please let us know if you plan to do this so we will not order a table for your company

These areas are not secure and any valuable items will need to be taken down when someone is not at the table


Sponsor Showcase Times:

Set up:
Monday 3:30-6:30pm or
Tuesday 6-8am
Showcase Hours:
Tuesday, 8/8 8:30-9:00pm
Tuesday, 8/8 4:15-4:45pm
Wednesday, 8/9 9:30-10:00am
Wednesday, 8/9 3:45-4:15pm
Break Down:
Wednesday, 4:30-6:00pm

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