The 2017 conference material is not available yet. Below is an example from our 2016 VenueConnect in Minneapolis.

Trained Crowd Manager (TCM) LIVE
Minneapolis Convention Center - Lounge B / 9:30am - 3:30pm
The first course for crowd managers to be endorsed by the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), TCM Live is the only program where both the classroom instruction and live venue experience are completed in one, convenient day. 
Course Overview
TCM Live is a standardized certificate program that includes two phases of training:
Phase One: In Phase One you will learn the role, responsibilities, and general requirements for crowd managers. You will come to understand the different hazards that can endanger spectators within public assembly venues.  You will be introduced to life safety equipment and the best practices for improving life safety within venues. You will learn about crowd dynamics and how to manage and control crowd movement. And, at the end of the course, you will completed a post course assessment where you will be able to demonstrate the knowledge, skills and abilities you have learned along the way. Phase One includes:
Module 1:  Administration and Introduction
Module 2:  Risks and Remedies
Module 3:  Crowd Movement
Module 4:  Moving People with Disabilities
Post-Course Assessment and Student Course Evaluation 
Phase Two: Phase Two of this program is venue-specific and focuses on the unique characteristics of a single venue and/or event. You will be asked to complete Phase Two for each venue or event you serve so you can develop specific venue knowledge and gain practical experience with the venue and its emergency response procedures. Phase Two includes:
Module A: Venue Overview and Familiarization
Module B: Venue Emergency Operations Plan
Venue Knowledge Assessment
For questions or assistance with TCM Live:
Phone: 972-906.7441

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