On behalf of the IAVM Board of Regents and Venue Management School Instructors we are pleased to announce that VMS 2021 will be held December 4-10, 2021 in Tampa, FL.

Shifting from our usual June date for VMS 2021 was based on: 

  • The desire and commitment to offer VMS 2021 in an in-person format; recognizing its value of developing lifetime professional relationships.
  • Selecting dates where Saddlebrook Resort is available and can offer the lodging and meeting space that VMS 2021 requires.
  • Convening the school when it is more likely the pandemic impacts have been reduced to where students and instructors are able to safely travel and attend VMS.



Venue Management School (VMS) and the Graduate Institute (VMS-GI), are considered two of the best professional education programs available for venue managers. Those new to the industry, or managers looking to expand their overall understanding, will find solid principles and practices for venue management in the VMS program. Venue professionals can further expand their universe of management and leadership skills and understanding by attending the Graduate Institute.




Venue Management School

The VMS programs consist of two (2) separate week-long courses of intensive instruction held over two consecutive years. The VMS curriculum covers topics such as event management, life safety, marketing and advertising, crowd management and the guest experience. The second year of VMS covers areas such as leadership and image, cost control, risk management and insurance, and strategic business planning.

Since its beginning in 1987, over 2,800 venue managers have attended VMS and the Graduate Institute. Describing the experience as rewarding, serious education, mixed with a sense of camaraderie, and a bond that exists among the students and faculty, making Venue Management School a truly special place. Attendees create relationships for life that they attribute to their success in the venue management industry.

Graduate Institute


The Graduate Institute is advanced education for venue professionals covering management theory, professional ethics, leadership, human resource management, problem solving, and decision making. The aim of the GI curriculum is to provide the tools necessary to expand an individual’s management techniques and leadership skills. The Graduate Institute is more conceptual than VMS, yet not as advanced as IAVM's Senior Executive Symposium. Consider it “The Next Level” for Venue Managers.

Certified Venue Professional (CVP) or Certified Venue Executive (CVE)

VMS and VMS-GI participants can earn credits toward IAVM's Certified Venue Professional (CVP) or Certified Venue Executive (CVE) certification. Please refer to the CVP or CVE websites for specifics.

Thank you to our global partners.